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Your nose is usually one of the first features someone notices on your face. If you are unhappy with the way it looks and want to make a change, there may be an option. Whether you have a nose that is disproportional to your face, an off-center nose, or have a nose which is too wide or too long, you may be a candidate for nose surgery (called rhinoplasty). Nashville, TN plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Fisher specializes in rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of your nose without changing its character.

To meet with Nashville rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Jack Fisher, request a consultation online or call our office at (615) 329-4227 and one of our staff members will schedule your appointment.

Choosing Rhinoplasty from Dr. Fisher

The best candidates for rhinoplasty are people who have realistic expectations about what can be accomplished and are unhappy with the appearance of their nose. Dr. Fisher believes that teenagers should wait until the nose is done growing before considering the rhinoplasty procedure. To know if a rhinoplasty is right for you, we recommend scheduling a consult with Dr. Fisher.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Fisher will discuss what you want to change about your nose. He will also answer any questions and address any concerns about the procedure during the appointment. After an examination of your nose, he will give you his expert opinion on what can be accomplished. You should plan on being in the office for about one hour for the consultation.

Your Surgery & Recovery

Dr. Fisher will provide you with preoperative and postoperative instructions to follow. To be prepared for your rhinoplasty surgery and make the recovery process easier, we suggest you follow these instructions closely. Dr. Fisher performs the rhinoplasty procedure on an outpatient basis using a general or local anesthetic. The rhinoplasty surgery typically takes 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Based on what is decided at your consultation, Dr. Fisher will perform your rhinoplasty using either a closed or open method. There are benefits to each type of procedure and Dr. Fisher will explain them during the consultation.

After your procedure, you will be required to wear an external splint for one week. Nasal packing inside the nose is used in some cases and will be removed 1 to 2 days following surgery. You may also experience some bruising under the eyes after the surgery. Again, to make the recovery process easier, you should follow Dr. Fisher's instructions closely. If you have any questions after surgery, do not hesitate to call the office.

Meet Dr. Jack Fisher

A recognized authority and plastic surgery educator, Dr. Fisher customizes each procedure for the individual needs of his patients. He looks forward to meeting you.

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